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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  July 1, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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sales tax on booze. and he is accused of giving one price and jack the price sky-high. a local locksmith has his first day in court. pay up, exxon must pay up for a baltimore county commute. -- community. details on that on this friday morning july 1st, i am megan prink especially. >> -- pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's get to your forecast and how is that long weekend going to be? >> we have so much to talk about this morning. we will be cranking up the heat. but as we check out the headlines, i want to point out things that should keep you with us. we have a lot of stuff to talk b today, just nice. how nice? we will tell you in a moment. holiday weekend, yes, we will return into the 90s. but how deep into the 90s will we get? will there be showers and how about the beach weather in all of our weather for the 4th of july. check that out. we say good morning maryland i want to prove it. we start out in western maryland and this is wisk ski resort deep creek lake 52 and
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mchenry let's switch it over to ocean city, the other side of the state, 63. so about 11 degree difference from one end to the other. light wind at the airport. and locally, we have a look at 62 in darlington, and by the water it's 67 sparrows point. inland, it's 57 in laurel and 56 in westminster. we will slide through the 60s today. a nice day and good looking afternoon. mostly sunny and warmer than yesterday with a two degree guaranteed high of 89. back with the weekend weather in a moment. here tonya with traffic. >> reporter: we are getting some congestion between liberty road and frederick road on the outer loop. let's look at 50 at 97. this is wilkins avenue, 695 at wilkins on the southwest side. 50 is doing fine. the commuters are coming in. 795 southbound out of reisterstown is fine. bay bridge no problems and 70 from marriottsville to the beltway is doing well. charley. >> thanks a lot. they want peace, they want
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justice and they want compensation with a little satisfaction. but 2 1/2 hours we will find out how much money some in baltimore county will receive after a massive 495 million dollar decision against exxon. this morning, sherrie johnson is here with what that frustration has been for many. sherrie. >> reporter: well, that's right. coming up at about 8:30, the- tire list of payouts from the exxon case will be available at the clerk's office in the baltimore county circuit court. these residents are glad this nightmare is over and justice has prevailed. a baltimore county jury says exxon will pay a settlement well into the millionsch the trial began about 6 months ago. more than 150 homes near jarrettsville pike and paper mill took a hit after a leak contaminated the underground water. in 2006 exxon leaked 26,000 gallons of gas into the community. and they turn the lives upside down. five years later, and after a six month trial, plaintiffs say a jury of six women deliver
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justice and their attorneys agree. >> it was argued that exxon need to be sent a message as corporate america. [audio not understandable] that message has been sent by the jury. >> reporter: the jury awarded piewn if i have damages from -- punitive damages from 50,000 dollars to a high of more than $40 million. this could become the largest settle men in the state's history and coming up at 6:45, we will hear more from exxon and how they plan to fight the decision. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. it has not been raised in decades but now you will be paying more for your alcohol. this is all thanks to a new tax that goes into effect today. nobody likes to pay more but health advocates are celebrating this morning. abc2 news linda so is live to explain more. lenda. >> reporter: yeah, the -- linda. >> reporter: well, it means a 3% increase of 3 cents on the dollar. a change you will see this week
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wend you enjoy your beer and -- weekend when you enjoy your beer and crabs. we have some nice crabs to show you. we started with the bushel and we will come out and they tell us that the supply is still good. you can still call in and they have plenty of crabs. last time we left them, we put them in the steamer and here's brendan. how do they look in. >> they are ready to go just about. see how they came out. >> reporter: look at that. you said 18 minutes the perfect crab. >> the perfect crab for one bushel, yep. >> reporter: and so this weekend, what are the prices we are looking at? >> prices bushel 139 for small, 189 for medium 239 for large and dozen smalls 22 medium 34 large 54 and extra large a little more. >> reporter: and you have a enough. >> yes. the big one also go faster but we will have crabs for anyone
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who needs them. >> reporter: everybody likes beer with the crabs but you are doing something special this weekend. the alcohol tax goes into effect today, but are they going to see -- are you going to jack up the prices. >> not for this weekend. we will do everything we can for people to have a good time. >> reporter: wonderful. and you guys use maryland crabs you say those are the best? >> they are the best and we have our own boats to catch our own crabs and buy from a few other guys that work the water and keep things fresh. >> reporter: okay. wonderful. i know they are hot do you have a glove around here? >> i could snag one. >> reporter: okay. there's an art to opening these two. we will get to that in the next hit. >> sound great. look forward to it. >> reporter: you got to keep it special. that's a butte. thanks so much for that. in 30 minutes we will come back and he will show us how to open up the crabs so you can get every bit of the meat and he joy them. there's plenty e says you can call in and they are taking orders for the july 4th weekend and this weekend they are not going to pass on the sales tax
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increase on the alcohol just yet. live in parkville, linda so, abc2 news. >> thanks. you note crabs are done when the -- you know the crabs are done when the the -- when the lens is steamed up. now you can have wine shipped to your front door. you are allowed to bring your dog along to restaurants with outside dining but be sure to check with the restaurant before dragging your pooch to dinner to make sure the policy agrees with that. state employees have to pay more for pensions up to 2% and it will take longer for state workers to be vested into the retirement plans. the fight over in-state tuition looks like it's going to be for the voters to decide. opponents needed 55,000 signatures and they had until midnight to meet the number. they are claiming they have exceeded 100,000 signatures and elects official must take the
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time -- election officials must take the time to make sure every signature is legitimate. undocumented immigrants feel defeated. >> if the signatures hold up and we are going to have to wait another year and a half to have a more educated work force. >> the board of election must -- elects must certified they --elects must certified they have enough signature. family and friends will say final good-byes to a 15-year- old accidently shot at a slumber party. michael brooks was killed when an 11-year-old boy was playing with a gun and accidently shot him. we are told the gun was kept in a locked room but aapparently the 11-year-old found the key. the funeral service will be held today at ten at the christ united methodist church on florida avenue in baltimore. 7 minutes after 6 right now. the trial began for a locksmith accused of scamming customers out of hundreds of dollars. we have been following joe horton in a works for you investigation for about a year
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now. sim court order -- civil court order him to pay and the prosecution laid out the case yesterday with the woman claiming that horton forged her signature on a document. the defense called horton's girlfriend to the stand and she says the woman did sign the paper herself. after that, the judge approved the continuance in the trial. no word on when it will pick back up but we will be on it and let you know. firefighters says a nuclear complex is scrambling to clear the bush away. >> it is stored a few miles from a monster blaze going through the surrounding forest. did the efforts make a difference? and one company takes drastic measures saying if you smoke you cannot work for them. it's the largest species in the ocean -- the largest fish in the ocean and the sight something rare. a whale shark caught on camera and people swimming with it. you are watching "good morning maryland" first and only at
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4:30 but first a look at latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, timothy guyner will remain treasury secretary for the foreseeable future. reports said he would leave the administration following talks on raising the debt ceiling. minnesota state government has shut down. talks between the governor and legislators stalled over taxes and a 5 billion dollar budget deficit. the shutdown means state parks and the minnesota zoo will be closed for the holiday weekend. also, no new fishing licenses. and the agriculture department says the nation's farmers have planted the second largest corn crop of the last 70 yearsch the news is driving down -- years. the news is driving down the price of corn future and potentially food prices. small chain fared better in consumer reports ranking of fast-food restaurants. mcdonald's burgers came in last and the survey says in-n-out had the best and chick-phil fil- a the best chicken and
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chipolte, the best mexican. i am peggy bunker.
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tough night at yard. two homers by lance berkman is all they need odd to wrap up the sweep of the o's. 9-6 final from the yard. nolan homed and mark reynold what two--- homered and mark reynold hate two-run drive and now they are 8 games under the .500 mark. big time cleanup this morning. downed trees and power lines in fort lauderdale, florida. thousands of people across the miami dade and broward counties lost power. storm ground travelers at airports in fort lauderdale and
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miami as well. firefighters are confident they have stopped the advance of the wild fire that is head towards los alamos nuclear lab. the fire chief says the area around the canyon that was burning has been thined out providing a safe area for fire fighters to move -- firefighters to move in for the attack. the residents moved from the area earlier and they won't be allowed home until at least sunday. justin. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. i promised you -- >> i promised you some fun facts this morning. you want to impress your friends at work. this might do it. high noon is not actually high noon. the highest sun angle on the first day of july if you are going to do a dual on the dusty old main street, it's actually
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at 1:10. we can thank daylight saving's time and our location in the time zone. it's earlier in ocean city and later back in western maryland. the hottest temperatures of the year often occur in the second week of july. hey there's more fun facts to come. so stick around. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, we have a dry sweep that's good news. we get a chance to see the sun. we watch that come up yesterday over the hillside. west towson and it's 60 where we are waiting for the sun to come up. there it is right there. which means sun glare is an issue again for those of you heading out on the roads this morning. ocean city, you are sitting at 63. and a lot of us in the upper 50s and low 60s. but the heat will be on. in fact, we are watching some national temperatures in the 80s this morning across pourings of the nation's heartland. and while there's a cluster of clouds you may see this. there's clear air behind that.
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and the heat will be building as the wind shifts. we are in the northerly flow keeping us nice but we will be warming up letting the july sun do its thing and we may get the influence of some disturbance riding around the heat bubble that is building across the nation and trying to slip in our direction. we may not get the peak of the heat but we will warm up over the holiday weekend. we are dry and our future radar and we are basically expecting those high clouds to mix in tomorrow afternoon and maybe tomorrow night and building in showers and we could do another random shower over the rest of the holiday weekend. but it will be hot. 89 today comfortable humidity. tonight down to around 60. cooler inland and warmer in the city and by the bay. a peek at the holiday weekend and check it out. pushing 92 tomorrow, and 94 sunday and isolated scattered showers i know that isolated and scattered they mean the same thing to most of you. most of the days are dry and the 4th of july as well at 92. tonya. >> reporter: i like the word scattered. it sounds better. we are getting a little volume out there but not exactly stop and go just yet.
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that's good news. looking at 50 and sandy point. no problems to report westbound with the oncoming traffic moving from kent island to arnold. no problems there. the lucky people that are going eastbound wish it were me. outer loop congestion is going to be between liberty road and baltimore national pike. so you may see slowdowns there. 95 southbound between the beltway and route 100 in arbutus, a little bit of volume there as well. megan 6:16. if you want to quit smoking, check your phone. a british study shows that people who receive motivational text messages were twice as likely to succeed in quitting. the study followed nearly 6,000 smoker as they attempted toquit. six months after quitting those who received the motivational messages were twice as likely to be smoke free. there is -- an arizona insurance company humanna will no longer hire you if you smoke. officials say new hires will have to undergo a drug test and
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a nicotine test. if there is nicotine in your system, you won't be be hired. but if you are hired and then start smoking they say they will give you a chance to become smoke free again. legal experts say this is considered -- is not considered discrimination. the holiday weekend is here, and chances are you will have plans to celebrate. it seems teens do as well especially the guys. according to a new government study, more than twice as many boys under age end up in the emergency room on the 4th of july compared to any other day in july. in 2009, and overage of 942 people -- an average of 942 people went to the er for alcohol-related issues. of that number, 622 of them you guessed it, they were the guys. ellicott city man -- a ellicott city man tried his luck on jeopardy but this time not so lucky. he went into final jeopardy in second place trailing by a
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thousand dollars. jeff answered the final question on the coins of the world and got it crct but didn't -- correct but didn't wager enough money and ended up with $20,000 for two -- $30,000 for two nights on the show. it was just slowed down a lot. and we all got up and tried to touch it and it slowed down. >> it was pretty cool i never seen anything like it. >> look how brave they are a group of swimmers got a rare treat on the coast of florida. they spotted a whale shark cruising close to the shore. they jumped in and swam with it yesterday. the whale shark is the largest fish in the ocean and they are called that because of the appearance and size. but also, because like some whales, they are harmless to humans. >> i think those sharks don't have teeth. they just go through like bottomfeeders. we talked about this earlier if you are just joining us because you talk about the teeth of the shark. i think they open their mouth
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and scoop everything up as they go. >> i think i would hear shark and stay ashore. but what an experience to be able to touch that fish and swim with it. amazing. >> for almost an hour. you head out for the holiday weekend and you are getting ready to celebrate. you want to have a great time. >> absolutely. and you may even be so excited for vacation you are dancing in the office. check out this guy for dance tips ♪ [ music ] . >>i wish somebody likeed your dance. something to make you -- likeed your dance. and something to make you smile. we will get -- make you smile. we will get charley to show off
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his dance moves. >> no way. >> you don't move like that? >> no not at all. all right. moving on now. he was arrested disgraced and lost his position as the imf chief. >> tell ahead, now it appears as -- straight ahead, now it appears the case against dom ic. >> strauss-kahn is falling apart. who knows what he wanted but it's in no way -- to get thepresident of fran's a-- france's attention. destiny of easton maryland she is so cute. whatever you are doing look at your tv screen. look at that face. another thing to give you a reason to smile. 3 years old today. actually tomorrow. sorry destiny. dft nie, happy birthday. >> the picture of the day is frisky, 8 years old living in baltimore. looks like he wants to play peekaboo or saying mom, get that -- hit that snooze. you want to share pictures, birthdays, pets, whatever you
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--what have you, morning show at
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6:24. news from around the world. some serious credibility issues face the maid accusing former imf director dominic strauss- kahn of rape. that official says based on concerns, the defense will ask for a bail reduction and as well as court hearing for later this morning. a source telling "the new york times" the maid lied repeatedly to police about making her initial rape allegation. this will make you goesp. a incident involving the french president and you are looking at. a man grabbed him by the shoulder and nearly yanked him over a medal barrier as it happened, he was greeting people visit a town in the southern part of france. his body guards tackle the guy
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and wrestled him to the ground. police say the suspect who remains in custody is a 32-year- old music teacher. his motive is very unclear. well, one local soccer team is helping to keep a maryland state member alive. trooper shaft hunter passed away when he lost cole while chasing a motorcylist. he was involved with a soccer team in anne arundel county and the team needs a little help. sherrie johnson has the story. >> reporter: well, they are known as the blackhawks. shaft hunter's son play on the team and he -- plays on the team and he often sponsored him. it was devastating to lose hunter, through perseverance and determination this team has made it to a national competition. for six years, this group of boys has worked towards a goal of getting an up to the to -- getting an opportunity to compete at the national level. they must raise 30,000 dollars
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to attend the competition and they need your help to get there. >> he was selfless and truly a man, a friend that everybody wanted to be around. he is proud of his family and loved his family. he was a man who just gave his all, and you know never asked for anything in return. so, that's the kind of -- kind of person he was all in all. and i am proud of him. i was blased to have known -- i was blessed to have known him and to be married to him. >> they are like family to me. i've known them a long time. >> we treat him like family. we. [audio not understandable] >> reporter: if you want to help sponsor team, contact two local organizers, 443-857-3706 or 410-371-5191. and that national competition will be held in idaho july 29th
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through august 1st. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 6:27 right now. robbing stores is bad enough but it's the accomplice the man brought along with him that's getting so much attention. >> not only did the guy rob and threaten people during a crime spree, guess who he brought along with him? his kid. about three hours into the flight it's fallen asleep and something woke me up. and i felt a tickle on the inside my sleeve. >> of all the things to sneak on a plane, this man didn't know about the critter until it was too late. we will tell you what it is. -- it was. the drinks are ready and so are the crabs. i am linda so. why you will probably pay more for your alcohol this weekend, but what about the crabs? we will let you know coming up.
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